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Appraising your appraisals

Take a look at your performance management processes. Now, take a look at how they actually work in reality. Ask people in your business what they think about them. Check the impact they have on your teams. Have a look at the effect they are having on your bottom line. Can you spot the differences? […]

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Make conscious choices

It’s two years since I left the comfort of my corporate role and moved into the unknown world of ‘self-employment’. And looking back, I realise how lucky I was that my ex-boss was there giving me outplacement support. When my first consulting assignment landed almost immediately – scuppering my plans to take out a few […]

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The Secrets of their Success

We’ll shortly be starting our series of articles highlighting the secrets of success for some of our clients, associates and friends. We’ll be asking them for their ‘golden nuggets’, the piece of advice that might inspire you, the feedback that changed them, and their thoughts on what it takes to be a success. Our articles […]

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Mediating in Facilitation

Facilitation is a highly effective way of helping to steer a group of people to an agreed outcome. However, in a challenging group situation, where team conflict has been an issue, individuals are often reluctant to raise issues to the collective. As a result facilitation can struggle to unlock some of the critical underlying issues […]

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Ray’s Blog: Its just not cricket!

Trust Breakdown – its just not cricket! It’s a well known maxim: an effective team is greater than the sum of its parts. How can that be? Well, it’s fairly simple really. When you’re dealing with a team, you’re not just dealing with a relationship between you and the number of people in it. You’re […]

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