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Designing training – using a tomato !

Can this tomato timer really improve your mental agility ? The Pomodoro Technique, developed by Crillo during the 80s, proposed a method of breaking down work into ‘Pomodoros” of 25 minutes, with short breaks in between. He based this approach on the idea that mental agility can be improved with frequent breaks, with an ideal […]

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What is a facilitator ?

I’m often asked about the role of a facilitator and how they can add value to the meetings, workshops or sessions they support. You may find it beneficial to use an experienced independent facilitator to: • Provide a planned and focussed structure for your event, and to manage the ongoing process in the room. By […]

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Cascading your strategy – our Making Connections Case Study

We designed and facilitated a workshop for a utilities company to cascade their strategy and align functional and individual goals and objectives. Find out how we did it in 4 hours for the top 100 managers …, with great participant feedback. Engagement- Strategy cascade

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Recruitment & Selection Case Study

Read our case study explaining how we helped an organisation with a sudden peak of recruitment activity. Our clients testimonials include words like ‘excellent’ … ‘professional’ … ‘expertise’ … read more here: Talent – Recruitment and Selection Process

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Our ‘Capsule Learning’ Series

Our Capsule Learning Webinar series is developing well … we’ve completed packs for “Leading Virtual Teams”, “Engaging People” and “Difficult Conversations” and we are currently working on ‘Driving Performance’ and ‘Mentoring’. Contact us for a taster.

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