Resourcing and Assessment


When you need to be sure that you have the right people in the right place at the right time, we can help you to identify, select and develop them.

How does it work?

Finding the right people for your business can take time. We can support your recruitment processes – whether that’s interviewing to shortlist, or designing and implementing an assessment process for your candidates.

We have trained assessors who are qualified to deliver a range of psychometric tests, and who can design competency-based tools to support and evidence your selection decision-making.

We can help you to develop your internal talent – with simple processes to identify, track and develop your employees, and coaching, mentoring and psychometrics and feedback tools to support their development planning.

We can design and deliver training and development interventions, and have a series of ‘Light Bites’ webinar materials that you can access to deliver yourself, or that we can deliver for you.

light bites sample

Break it down for me

Develop a strategy for identifying and developing talent within your business, and to inform succession planning

Design development centres to enable you to identify potential

Design and review in-house assessment centres, utilising a range of psychometric tools

Conduct competency-based interviews for your recruitment campaigns (internal or external), and apply agreed assessment methodologies

Coach and mentor your staff, and help you to plan their development

Help you design and implement performance management and appraisal schemes, embodying 360o feedback tools

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How has it helped?

“Debbie was responsible for developing HR processes around recruitment and team building. She worked closely with me to successfully implement these processes with the IT team. I can recommend her for her diligence, commitment, professional approach and sense of humour.”

“Your consultants were extremely well prepared with excellent pre and post interview discussion. They were very knowledgeable about the interview requirements and effective assessment of the applicant, and their experience & interview expertise without doubt assisted significantly in assessing applicant competency for the relevant job.”

“At the beginning of each interview session the consultant clearly explained his role within the interview process and his manner was relaxed, informal and yet professional, putting the candidate at ease.  His questions complemented those I asked, resulting in a well rounded assessment of each candidate.  He expertly summarised the session, completing the assessment forms and discussed each area of feedback without leading me to make a specific answer, but enabling me to think through the candidate performance in order to arrive at a fair assessment score for each criteria with which I was satisfied. He was an asset to the proceeding and would strongly recommend we use him again should the situation arise.”