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Making Connections – aligning people and goals

The business had a new goal, new strategy and targets and new values, but these had not been widely shared. Consequently the organisation scored poorly in an employee opinion survey when asked about alignment between company goals and individual contribution, and performance overall was not meeting expectations. In addition, cross functional collaboration was very limited.

How we helped
We developed a 4 hour workshop titled “Making Connections” which aimed to communicate the company goal, targets and values and help employees to understand the link between them and their own individual personal objectives. It provided opportunity for employees to understand the goals and targets of other functions – to comment on them, and seek to identify areas of potential collaboration or risk and to build relationships across the business. We designed and facilitated the workshops – working with the board and their direct reports and subsequently cascading throughout the 1700 employees, and delivered a full facilitator pack so that the workshop can be run self-sufficiently every year.

“a very engaging session with lots of interaction – great!”

“great step towards alignment of work and objectives across the business”

“a very useful day and great process to make sure that all our targets are focussed on one goal”

Assessment and Development

An international organisation was restructuring its European business, and seeking to appoint internal top talent to VP roles. Assessment Centres were new to the business so they sought external expertise to assess candidates, and to develop the capabilities of newly trained internal assessors.

How we helped
We took on the role of assessor at the assessment centre, including competency based interviews and the provision of personality and ability testing feedback. In addition to acting as assessor, we wrote detailed feedback reports with development recommendations, and in the role of coach, provided detailed feedback and development planning support for both successful and unsuccessful candidates. In developing the skills of others, we provided feedback and support to internal assessors.

“You were a real asset”

Grievance Investigation

An employee had raised a grievance against the company, feeling that she was being unfairly treated in the organisation, and quoting bullying and harassment in her grievance claim.

How we helped
We undertook an investigation, interviewing the managers and employees in the company. As a result of the investigation, we delivered not only the grievance outcome (which upheld some complaints and dismissed others) but also made recommendations to the company owner, suggesting improvements to processes and development plans to improve the working environment for all.

“You really spoke our language – thanks for your support. It really worked for us”

Performance Management

Although the business had a performance management process, system and training programme in place, appraisals were not being carried out – completion rates were as low as 29% across an organisation of over 1500 people.

How we helped
Through a series of interviews, focus groups and surveys, we sought to understand the root causes of low participation. Alongside refreshed documentation, we recommended a series of actions including senior leadership advocacy, coaching for line managers, online training materials, improved objective setting and clear impacts that enable individual performance to be aligned with talent,  succession planning and reward strategies.

“Debbie added value by providing additional experience and history of work with other organisations and helped us to identify and implement best practice. Having someone creative involved in the process (i.e. could come up with new/innovative ideas) helped to stretch our thinking.”