New Coaching Training Modules Launched

Exciting news … we listened, we developed, we’re launching

Having run two successful coaching training modules for the last few years, we have now added two more exciting modules to our coaching programme.

  • Module 1 focussed on developing an understanding of what coaching is, developing some of the core skills, and introducing the GROW model.
  • Module 2 has developed this knowledge further, with more insight into the GROW model, a short opportunity to practice, and learning about appreciating difference.

We’ve been working with the feedback from these two modules given by attendees on these modules and we are now delighted to be able to introduce…

Coaching Sprint – Module 3

This is a 3-hour session, aimed at delivering short and sharp coaching practice, and encouraging participants to coach continuously. In this module, we cover

  • Coaching in the moment
  • Speed GROW coaching
  • Quick real scenarios
  • Top tools

This module aims to develop the skills of your managers and coaching advocates and build a stronger coaching culture and capability in your organisation. No slides, fast moving, lots of real practice. Up to 8 delegates.

Coaching Circles – Module 4

This 4-hour session facilitates a coaching circle for 4-6 participants. This is intended as both a coaching experience, but also action learning session. By the end of the session, participants will have the skills and knowledge to facilitate coaching circles in your organisation for themselves! You can get great benefits from an in-house coaching circle – from greater empowerment and ownership of problem solving, to more creativity and innovation, and better relationships across your business. Ideally participants will have already completed modules 1 and 2 as a minimum, and are recognised by you as effective coaches or those with great potential. Why not give it a try?

Want to develop internal coaching specialists?

We’re also working on a final workshop – Deep Dive in Module 5, released later this year, will help you to establish a small number of coaching specialists in your organisation, minimising the need for external coaching support, developing your coaching culture and improving skills and performance for your people and your business. We’ll be combining advanced coaching skills, mindfulness and NLP to help you to develop coaching specialists. Max 8 delegates.

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Dates available in October, November and December

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