We can help you to develop your business, your strategies, your teams and your people through facilitation of workshops, meetings, events and seminars.

How does it work?

Independent facilitation can add value to workshops, meetings, business conferences etc. It enables a team to work effectively in a structured environment that is managed by someone who has no hidden agenda and has achievement of objectives as their only goal.

We meet with you to understand your goals and objectives, and we design a bespoke workshop to meet your needs and fit your organisation culture, and agree a final session plan with you in advance of the day.

We’ll bring our kit, we’ll run the day, and at the end of the session, we’ll send you the outputs from the day.

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Break it down for me

Design and deliver facilitated events – from 2 to 200 attendees to meet a wide range of objectives – eg

- practical and pragmatic team building

- strategy planning, development & review

- project kick off, aligned to your PM methodology (eg P2)

- problem solving and conflict resolution

- leadership team development

Design training workshops and materials to meet your business development needs – eg

- coaching for line managers

- change management

- managing difficult conversations

How has it helped?

“What did you like about the way the session was facilitated?  The flexibility of approach.  We had to adapt ‘on the fly’ given the wide range of capabilities and levels within the team.  This meant that sections and approaches needed to be shuffled to get what we needed. The open approach to facilitation made sure that people felt included and that serious subjects weren’t too complex or overbearing. The facilitator provided good insight and expertise in shaping and then managing the two days.  The workshop was difficult in terms of needs and attendee understanding, but the facilitator responded very well to make sure we flexed to those needs whilst not isolating individuals.”

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