Designing training – using a tomato !

Can this tomato timer really improve your mental agility ?

The Pomodoro Technique, developed by Crillo during the 80s, proposed a method of breaking down work into ‘Pomodoros” of 25 minutes, with short breaks in between. He based this approach on the idea that mental agility can be improved with frequent breaks, with an ideal Pomodoro of 25-30 mins long, 40mins max..

This was one of the two major influences behind our ‘Light Bites’ webinar series. We wanted to develop a set of short sharp training materials using this approach. Recognising Crillo’s theory that agility is improved – or at least more focussed – in that time, it seemed logical to incorporate that as a strong influence in our product design, and limit training durations to one “Pomodoro”.

The second influence came from our involvement in talent reviews and career development discussions. We often hear about leaders who have attended plenty of training, but struggle with smaller or more focussed elements of their leadership roles. We tried to identify some of these ‘nuggets’ of training needs and to deliver them in short bite-sized modules that could support broader development programmes and experiences. We’ve developed Light Bites topics that include ‘Difficult Conversations’, ‘Driving Better Performance’ and ‘Leading Virtual Teams’ among others – with the aim of delivering a few key ‘takeaways’ whilst people grab a coffee, or eat their lunch … their Pomodoro lunch!

In the Light Bites series, we deliver a Powerpoint slide deck, a script and relevant handouts. We can host the webinar, or you can run it yourselves. And you can access materials as they are, or bespoke them to meet the development needs and your business.

light bites sample

So where does the tomato come in to all this? Pomodoro is Italian for tomato, and represents the old timer that Crillo used in developing his approach!! Make your own timer choice – eggs, iPhones etc.- but try out the concept with your own work and see how it impacts your personal ‘agility’.

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